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Dual Language Immersion Parent FAQ Information

Dual Language Immersion Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Can Participate?

The Dual Language Immersion program seeks to enroll students of varying backgrounds and abilities. Applications are open to all students entering 1st and 2nd grade. Students proficient in the target language may also be added to 3-7 grade, if space is available and after an evaluation.

2. Will the program be open to students of all ability levels?

Yes. Applications are open to ALL students entering first and second grade. Students proficient in the target language may also be added to 3-7 grade, if space is available and after an evaluation. The Dual Language Immersion program seeks to enroll students of varying backgrounds and all abilities. Students of all levels are capable of acquiring a second language. However, it may not be a wise choice for children experiencing significant communication delays in their primary language.

3. Is dual language immersion a gifted education program?

No, students of all abilities are encouraged to apply.

4. Can my student participate in the Dual Language Immersion program on a part-time basis?

No. Ogden School District has aligned its enrollment in Dual Language Immersion programs to be consistent with State policy that states, "Participation in the Utah Dual Language Immersion program is considered to be a comprehensive educational experience. Beginning in the first grade, paired English and target language teachers collaborate to support student mastery of both the core content standards and target language skills in a full day program. It is our expectation that students who participate in the Utah Dual Language Immersion program participate FULLY in the school academic day and its prescribed instructional design.

5. When can students enter the Dual Language Immersion program?

Students can enter the Dual Language Immersion program in first and second grade. Additionally, students who demonstrate proficiency in the target language will be considered for 3-7 grade after being evaluated by the DLI Coordinator.

6. How will students be selected for dual language immersion classes?

Placement in the program will be done through application and if necessary, a lottery process.

7. How is instructional time distributed between English and the target language?

The student's daily instruction will be divided half in English and half in the target language (Spanish). Target language instruction will occur in mathematics from 1st-3rd grade, spanish language arts, science and/or social studies- according to the grade level.

8. How will parents help with homework in the target language?

Only tasks that the student could complete independently will be assigned as homework in the target language. This is best practice for all homework assignment regardless of the language.

9. Can siblings be in the program together?

Siblings will be given preference for participation in the dual language immersion program to encourage further language development. However, students with siblings current in the Dual Language Immersion Program, are still required to submit an application. Additionally, twins would be accommodated as well.

10. Will my student be expected to participate in the dual language immersion program through ninth grade?

In order to fully benefit from the dual language immersion program, we expect that students will commit to the full nine years (i.e. first through ninth grade), culminating in taking the AP test which will give them access to a third language or college level credit in their immersion language of their choice during tenth through twelfth grade.

11. Why is Spanish the dual language immersion target languages?

The Utah Legislature and the federal government identified the selected language (i.e. Spanish) as "critical languages". Spanish opens the doors to many domestic and international career opportunities. Sophisticated professions such as those in medicine, international distribution, the oil and gas industry, power generation, luxury goods, aviation and other transportation technologies encompass extensive Spanish-speaking networks.

Knowledge of the Spanish language is also an asset in the fields of literature, the fine arts, gastronomy, cinema, law, and business. Scores of major international businesses and organizations, as well as American companies, regularly recruit candidates who speak Spanish.

Students who learn Spanish perform better on standardized tests since more than 50% of modern-day English words trace their origins to Spanish. This means that Spanish has a relatively quick learning curve which boosts a student's confidence.
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